Our Datos team is creating a convergence between information and insight that has real business impact for each of our clients.  

Whether it’s to save you time and money, or to empower you to make decisions and optimize resources, we right-size our efforts to your needs.

We approach each data science consulting engagement with a structured framework to account for all relevant influences and effectively implement changes in your environment.

Data Science Approach Framework


Data Science - Assess

We begin with STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTING to assess your needs and business objectives.  This sets the course for the techniques, tools, solutions, and recommendations we pursue for your environment.  

Data Science - Apply

We apply ADVANCED ANALYTICS TECHNIQUES and methods to explore, extract, and evaluate the actionable insights that will be reported and/or infused into our deliverables. 

Data Science - Deliver

We meet your BUSINESS OBJECTIVES with the delivery of optimization tools, mathematical models, and recommendations that improve your operational performance as well as your finely tuned business strategy.



We focus on understanding your business objectives, identify or recommend your data strategy, then apply our knowledge to:

  • Extract and interpret Targeted Data Insights.
  • Implement data Analytics and Optimization techniques.
  • Report timely insights to help you see and move forward with Recommendations, Reports, Tools, and Visualizations.


To improve your business capabilities, foresight, and data-driven activity, we:

  • Employ Mathematical Optimization Algorithms for scenario-based simulations, using complex business parameters as variables.
  • Leverage “What-If” Analysis  output to determine the next course of action.


We align the needs and direction of an organization with the most suitable advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Introduce or improve your implementation of Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics through:
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques of machine learning and deep learning to extract meaning from data, discover patterns, and predict outcomes using high-performance computers.
    • Assisting people perform tasks more rapidly and proficiently and informing people for making sharpened decisions.
    • Automating decision processes, no longer requiring human intervention.